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Licensed Money Lender

Why Go For Legally Licensed Money Lender In Singapore?

Money is one of the most valuable things in one’s life. But all don’t have the amount of money
that they want or even some times they go through bad times as well. So, for all of it, you need to
go to the moneylender.
When you are going for the moneylender, the first thing that you need to take care of is about the
authorization. There are many money lenders in Singapore who all offer money lending services
but not authorized. If you go for them, then you may have to face a problem in the future for it.
For all these reasons, you need to visit the licensed money lender in Singapore. If you are in
search of getting one legal money lender, then you can go for the Crawfort Singapore money
lending services. They offer you various options and other things as well.

What Kind Of Loan Did They Offer To You?

When you visit Crawfort Singapore, then you can see that they offer you three kinds of loans.
These loans are very much important in everyone’s life, and everyone needs these kinds of loan
at any point in time.

  • Personal loan

The very first loan that you can avail from here is the personal loan. In these kinds of loans, you
can do anything with the money that you lend from here. You can pay your child’s education
fees, bills, buy houses, or anything personal in life.
To get the loans securely, you can visit here and can follow simple steps. After that, you can get
the loans in the right idea.

  • SME business loan

If you are going to start a business and you need funding for it, then taking a loan from a money
lender is the best idea. When you are going for it, you can see that there are always extra funds

and all the things are necessary for all business houses. Whether you are expanding your
business or even investing anywhere, you will get a loan for it.

Fast Payday loan

There are days when things don’t go as per your wish. At that time, you may be short of cash,
and you need instant cash. So, no worries about these things and you can ask for a loan
from money lender Singapore.
They will provide you with a loan for the extra money that you want in that month. Furthermore,
you will get the cash within some hours, and you did not have to wait for more.
Reason To Choose Legal Money Lender In Singapore
There are many people who all have got doubts about it. If you are wondering about the same,
then you can get a wide range of ideas from here without any further doubts about it.

Convenient procedure

The very first thing that you will get to see when you will visit the legalized Money
lender Singapore is they process the loan fast. The main objective of the lender is to
make the loan approval easy and straightforward for the customers.
Apart from that all, you can repay the loan through various ways online or even SAM or
AXS machines.

Security and privacy

The next thing that you will get from here is the complete privacy and security of your
data. All the details and information are stored in the form of encryption. Apart from
these all, there is a continuous update about the security and keeps the server up to date.
Moreover, the data of yours never gets disclose to anyone at any means ever.

Trust factor

Due to the best services from the money lenders in Singapore, many customers trust the
agency. The real reason is the security and way of approval of a loan without any further

About the costs cap while getting a loan

Moneylenders who all are base in Singapore always stick to the laws made for them. The laws
for the money lenders were laid down by the Ministry of Law. In Singapore, the law state that
there will be a limit on late fees, interest rate, and other miscellaneous costs that are charged
from customer.
The laws that you need to know or check when taking a loan from moneylender are here.

  1. When you are taking the loan from the money lender in Singapore, then they can’t charge
    more than 4 percent interest per month.
  2. If you take a look at the administrative fees, then the charge doesn’t get exceed more than
    10 percent base on the principal amount.
  3. If you are going for the late fee, then you need to pay $60 per month.
  4. All the cost that includes the interest rate, late interest rate, and other charges must not
    exceed the principal loan amount.
    So, these are the top loan laws that an authorized money lender follows in Singapore.
    What to do after you get the approval of the loan?
    So, if your loan gets approved, then you need to look at the charges levied by the lender. The
    charges must not more than the principal amount as per the law of Singapore. After that, you
    need to take care of these things as well. They are mentioned below.
  5. You need to have a copy of the Note of Loan Contract with you.
  6. Have a copy of all receipts of payments that you have done for the loan.
  7. Organize all the documents related to receipts, accounts, and other things.
  8. Get a copy of the balance and account as well.
    These are the things that you need to have with you after getting approval from banks.
    Wrapping up
    Having a dream or planning something big in life is not at all a bad idea. Yes, you may need
    money for that all, but now with the help of money lenders, there will be no issue for it. You can
    get your required amount from the money lenders at the best interest rate. Furthermore, they too
    help you in a great way to deal with these things in the right way without any problem in the