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Domestic Helper Insurance

Things that You Should Know About Domestic Helper Insurance

When there is tremendous pressure in our work life we need some help in our daily chores. After returning from work we are completely exhausted and in dire need of someone who could clean up the house and do all the daily chores. To solve this issue we hire a domestic helper who could make everything easier for us and we can completely concentrate on our work without having to worry about cleaning the house. At the same time, you should also understand that you have employed someone to do a job and as an employer, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your employee. Here is the reason why you should get domestic helper insurance.

Always Opt for the Best Insurance Company

HL Assurance Singapore is one of the best insurance companies that will help you in finding a suitable insurance cover for your domestic helper. You can now buy insurance at an affordable price and provide maximum coverage to the medical expenses of your domestic helper if needed.

It is Recommended by the Ministry of Manpower

If you are hiring a domestic helper you are bound to buy insurance to cover any kind of mishaps or accidents that might happen. The Ministry of Manpower further states that a domestic helper must have:

  • A security bond of $5000 which is mandatory.
  • Hospitalization expense coverage of at least $10,000.
  • And a $60,000 coverage for accidents.

Loss of Personal Belongings of Your Domestic Helper

If your domestic helper loses their personal belonging such as jewelry or electronic gadgets you have to reimburse for it. But if you have an insurance cover you do not have to worry about it your insurance will cover most of it. You do not have to pay for anything additionally. This is one of the benefits of insuring your domestic helper. You can be provided up to $3,000 cover for your domestic helper’s personal belongings.

Wage Compensations if Needed

In an unfortunate event if your domestic helper is disabled due to an accident or a medical condition the insurance provides the maid with some wages for a few days. This is necessary and if you have not insured your domestic helper you will end up paying all that from your savings. So, before you think of not opting for insurance this reason is compelling enough to get insurance today. You can get up to $60 for your domestic helper’s wage so that you do not have to pay the amount.

Domestic Helper Replacement Expenses

In a negative turn of events if your domestic helper meets with an accident and unable to continue their work you will have to find a replacement. The replacement expenses are something that you will have to bear if you have not insured your domestic helper. You can get up to $600 compensation for re-hiring a domestic helper. You can reap all the benefits only if you insure your domestic helper.

Injuries to the Third Party

The leading insurance companies also provide cover for the injuries inflicted by your domestic helper to any third party. You will not be paying anything for this. Your insurance has you covered for it. This includes any accident caused to the third party and other damages.

Disability of the Domestic Helper

If your domestic worker cannot continue the job due to a disability you will have to pay a certain amount to the family members to help them. If it comes out of your savings it can be a hefty amount if you have not already insured. If insured you will get a cover of around $60,000 which can be expensive if you had to pay it.

Death of the Domestic Helper

Unfortunately, if your domestic helper dies during their tenure at your residence or in an accident you are bound to pay a sum of money to help their families go to their hometown. You cannot refuse to pay the amount as it has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Manpower and failing to do so might have consequences. If you have already insured your domestic helper you will get a cover of up to $60,000 that will be enough to cover most of the expenses.

These are the list of things that explain why it is a necessity to insure your domestic helper. Domestic helper insurance will not only help you to take the burden of the expense off your shoulders but also help the family of your domestic helper during medical emergencies. These points are enough to convince you to insure your domestic helper today and from a trusted insurance company like the HL Assurance Singapore who is one of the best in providing domestic helper insurance in the country.