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Travel Insurance

Best Tips To Consider While Buying Any Travel Insurance

Travelling is a hobby for many and they love to travel and explore different places. But with this busy and stressful life, it has now become the best thing for all people. One can see that while traveling to anywhere, they can see that one needs to take care of several things. One of the most important things while traveling anywhere outside Singapore is taking of travel insurance.

Why Take Insurance?

There are many people who all wonder about the benefit of getting travel insurance. Well, for them all, when you avail of this insurance, you can see that you will get several benefits from it. During the traveling period, one can see or can go through various situations. These situations include cancellation of flight, lost of baggage, hotel cancellation, injury and many more. If you have encountered any of these things, then you can see that you can always go for the insurance claims. And the claims can only be made when you take any travel insurance from any travel insurance firm. There are many agencies who all sell travel insurance Singapore.

What To Look Before Buying Insurance?

When you are going for the travel insurance Singapore,then you can see that many factors needed to look after. Some of the important factors that you need to look at is said to be mentioned below.

  1. Coverage Period 

the very first thing that you need to look before getting any insurance for your travel is the time. There are many policies which cover for only for some days or months. So, if you are going for a long vacation, do check about it all.

  1. Extent Of Coverage

The next thing that you need to look for is about what all does it cover for you. Many policies cover all things including any medical emergencies too nad in the same way some are not.

  1. The Time Required For Payouts

If for a chance, you lost something or happened something with you, then the first thing that you need to do is to claim for that from the insurance company. So, when you are going to claim that you need to know about the steps and at what period you need to apply after you lost your things. Apart from that all, you need to know about the documents you need to show to claim.

  1. Premium Amount

The next important thing that you need to look at is the premium amount. Yes, while availing the policy, you need to make sure that that you are paying the right amount for that and getting good benefits for that too.

  1. Alcohol And Drugs

There are many policies where you will find that, anything happened with you under the influence of drug or alcohol can’t be claimed. Under such conditions, the policy will be void for you and it will not cover anything.

These are the top 5 things that you need to check when you are thinking to get travel insurance Singapore. So, when you are planning hard to get on a trip by taking some insurance policy, then you need to make sure that you accurately check the things before taking the policy.

 Check for the exclusions

In the above section, you have got a whole idea about what kind of coverage cans you get when you avail of any insurance policy for traveling. But now, here you will get some best idea about the things that can get excluded here.

If you look at many policies and many policy selling agencies, then you can find that many of the companies do have got some exclusion part in their policy. Some of the exclusion parts that are usually mentioned in the policy are here.

  • If you are going for the sport or doing any adventure sports during the trip. These sports or adventure sports if comes under high risk, then you can see that many policies don’t give any coverage for that. Even if you suffer any injuries while doing that, the company will not pay for that.
  • The next thing that comes to you is to travel to high-risk countries. There are many countries where law and order situation is worse and it is always advised not to visit there by the government. But if you have planned to visit there, then your travel insurance stands void in most of the cases.
  • When you get any travel insurance, you can see that it always covers the medical conditions. But little did all know that it will not cover the pre-existing conditions. If you are suffering from anything and after reaching your destination it becomes worse, then it will not cover the medical expenses. It is because you are having the disease from Singapore and you did not get after going there.
  • The next thing that comes under the exclusion section is the act of God. Many incidents are starting from volcanic eruption or earthquake or any other natural disasters. If you have got inside that, then the policy will not get cover for that all.
  • If you are at a place and for some reason, terrorist attacks, any civil commotion up rises or anything like that, then it too will not get cover under it.

So, these are the top things that are usually excluded from a travel policy. If you want to know more about these things then you can always go for the travel insurance guide Singapore.  Under this guide, you will get almost all kinds of details and information regarding the coverage things as well as excluded things in an explained manner.


So, these are the top tips that you can get from these articles. If you are planning for a trip outside Singapore, then make sure that you get through the travel policies and you can get a wide range of ideas by referring to this. You too can take the help of travelinsurance guide Singapore for getting some more information about it.