What do you already know about HIV Singapore? When you know everything about this common STD type, you at least will know what to do and where to go when noticing someone suffers from it. As we all know, HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus a virus that can attack the immune system. Your body will have the trouble fighting off this disease if you have no strong immune system.

For your information, white blood cells are the important part of individual’s immune system. Somehow, having HIV doesn’t mean someone has AIDS. Yes, AIDs is the last stage of HIV infection so that is why you must be careful and being able to prevent suffering from this STD. When HIV is diagnosed before becoming AIDS, medicine could slow and even stop the immune system damage. The certain medicine can help the immune return to the healthy state when the AIDs doesn’t develop. Getting the right test can help you know whether or not you still have the chance to stay healthier even though you are with HIV. The fact is that people can live long and active life with the right treatment as long as there is no development of AIDS as said before.

HIV disease is caused by the human immunodeficiency infection. You can get HIV from contact with tainted blood, semen, or vaginal liquids.

– A great many people get the infection by having unprotected sex with somebody who has HIV.

– Another normal method for getting it is by sharing medication needles with somebody who is contaminated with HIV.

– The disease can in like manner be passed from a mother to her baby in the midst of pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding.

HIV doesn’t survive well outside the body, so it can’t be spread by agreeable contact like kissing or bestowing drinking glasses to a corrupted person.